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About the Gallery




During your next visit to a photography gallery, take time to delve into a subject matter of interest to you.  Explore hundreds of fine art and documentary images, created over careers in photography.  Please ask  how to view POV exhibitions listed below that are still available for viewing and purchase from prior years.


The challenge for the gallery to present this breadth and spectrum of portfolios is often matched by the tendency of even the most accomplished photographers to lose focus on older work.  This can happen for a number of reasons. 


Images of interest to you may exist currently only as original negatives, contact sheets, work prints, imperfect or damaged prints, or on the computer or internet.  Recently printed or vintage prints, framed or not may be housed in the gallery or in the photographers’ homes - in which case studio visits may be in order.  Always keep inmind that photographers may need to be coaxed to present them in their current form.


This can follow from the natural evolution of creative focus, or their judgment that reproduction of older work is questionable or not possible at all during these times of rapidly evolving imaging and printing technologies.  The gallery regularly encourages photographers to revisit alternative choices for presentation, considering the digital darkroom for film capture, book publication or illustration, or other licensing.


Please feel free to make an appointment to visit the gallery and begin to delve.


Check back soon for these prior years exhibition, or call to inquire:







20 Glenwood Ave. Raleigh NC 27603