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About the Gallery

The Gymnotype

'Kristofur Sivad, a Good Friend.'
2007. Gymnotype on 18Kt Lemon Gilded Aluminum

Throughout the history of alternative photography, in order to create harmony between a photographic image and the surface upon which it is developed, usually at least one of the following things has occurred:

- We have subjected the environment and ourselves to harsh chemical processes (as in wet plate collodion processing).

- We have altered our vision, as well as been wasteful, because the processes can be temperamental, causing the results to be a gamble.

Now through a non-toxic photo-amalgamation process invented by J.P. Corr III, it is possible to get a look that rivals that of wet plate collodion works, all the while being in control of the finished product. This product of historical importance is the Gymnotype™; an archival mixed-media photograph with extraordinary detail and a raw organic, painterly quality. These are not only incredible works of detailed art, but they are also more environmentally responsible than most alternative processes of the past.

Being the only one in the world with the knowledge to execute this process, J.P. has decided to not only utilize it within his fine art practices, but also to incorporate it within his commissioned portraiture services.  Just recently he has also decided to create Gymnotype™ work for other fine art photographers (although limited), giving others the opportunity to exhibit and sell works of this nature. 

"It feels good to be able to offer the public a safe alternative to a toxic process. I plan on continuing to be the only source for such work, and hopefully in my doing so, the gymnotype's uniqueness will attract those not only interested in it's rarity, but who also appreciate and share my respect for the environment. There are always better options; we must not cease in uncovering them. The past is the past. Let’s move on."
- J.P. Corr III

20 Glenwood Ave. Raleigh NC 27603