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About the Gallery

J.P. Corr III

Gilded Nudes of a Modern Renaissance is an evocative series of nudes created by way of the Gymnotype™ process. The idea for this series spawned from J.P.’s struggle with the acceptance of becoming disabled, and seeing himself through different eyes. Although his will and desire had become stronger than ever before, J.P.’s physical health continued to deteriorate. He wondered which of these attributes was more obvious from an outsider’s perspective. Did they see a weak man?

The focus of the Gilded Nudes of a Modern Renaissance is on one’s inner-self taking precedence over the outer-self; and as the old renaissance style suggests, what matters is not the body type (the shell), but the character of the soul that lay beneath. J.P. brings a fresh, non-traditional approach to the renaissance ideal, despite contemporary subjects. The raw, timeless quality of this new media (the Gymnotype™) on yellow gold leaf, combined with that of these quiet, mysterious, and vulnerable characters compels the viewer to love and yearn to understand these works. The result is as pure a statement can be made about beauty.

“In a world where we are told what to find beautiful, I wanted not to create beauty, as much as accentuate what already exists. The subjects in these images are all unique, all extraordinary. Here we do not see the modern-day stereotype of beauty, but a realist’s presentation. They need not try to be beautiful, but rather the opposite—to pull back the curtains and just be. Each is just as striking and complex as the next, and although different, deserves just as much merit. This beauty cannot be created, but rather nourished. Here we have creatures at their most intimate; with all layers peeled away, they are at peace with themselves. The viewer has no choice but to see the subjects' raw beauty, as they stand strong in their existence.”
- J.P. Corr III

'Gilded Nudes of a Modern Renaissance: Series I, Subject II.' Gymnotype on Gilded Aluminum

'Gilded Nudes of a Modern Renaissance: Series I, Subject VII.' Gymnotype on Gilded Aluminum

'Gilded Nudes of a Modern Renaissance: Series I, Subject VIII.' Gymnotype on Gilded Aluminum

'Gilded Nudes of a Modern Renaissance: Series I, Subject X.' Gymnotype on Gilded Aluminum

'Gilded Nudes of a Modern Renaissance: Series I, Subject XIV.' Gymnotype on Gilded Aluminum

20 Glenwood Ave. Raleigh NC 27603