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About the Gallery

J.P. Corr
Gilded Nudes of a Modern Renaissance
Special Reception on Friday October 16, 6:30pm               
Exhibition    October 2-31, 2009

Series III Subect IV (Image II) J.P. Corr III


Gilded Nudes of a Modern Renaissance are three series of nudes created in the Gymnotype™ technique, an eco-friendly alternative photography process that I developed in response to similar but quite toxic methods.  The archival mixed-media photograph provides extraordinary detail and a raw organic, painterly quality. Gymnotypes can be produced on a variety of surfaces with the most common being yellow gold leaf, white gold leaf, and scored aluminum. Because the appearance changes depending on the direction from which it is viewed, and direction and color of the light, these are best seen in person.  Penlights are provided for close inspection. 


These series were inspired by my personal struggle with debilitating chronic pain from a 2002 spinal injury, and gradual acceptance of permanent disability. I began with a confused and self-conscious train of thought brought on by feelings of being inaccurately represented by my physical limitations.  When others looked upon me, did they see a being of strength or frailty?  Now completely reliant on my cane and ever-present recliner for frequent rest, these objects are now represented by props in many of my photographs.  How do these props mold your opinion of the subject in question?


This trauma to self image inspired me to pay homage to classical Renaissance figurative painters.  The inner-self takes precedence over the outer-self.  What matters is not the body type (the shell), but the character of soul that lay beneath.  In a world where we are told what to find beautiful, I present both the models’ perfections and imperfections, their indisputable true beauty of self.  Series I and II were created in 2007-08 in the intimacy of a studio environment in New York City and Georgia.  In contrast the final series was shot on location this summer in a wooded back yard property in Raleigh.


The Gymnotype™ is a process I developed as a non-toxic "green" alternative photo-amalgamation innovation over its predecessors—antique collodion-based processes.  It is now possible to get a look that rivals wet plate collodion works, but far less wasteful than its antiquated cousins.  The process is archival, using safe and environmentally regulated chemicals, with most of the byproducts also being sustainable, water soluble, or recyclable.  After three years of experimentation, the Gymnotype process is a trade secret, as with the Fresson family’s Fresson print.  I hope that the Gymnotype’s uniqueness will attract those not only interested in its rarity, but who also appreciate and share my respect for the environment.  I have decided to create Gymnotype work for other fine art photographers on a limited basis, as the Fresson family does, giving others the opportunity to exhibit and sell works of this nature.


About the Artist

J.P. Corr III studied film and video at Savannah College of Art and Design.  He earned his A.A.S. in Photography from the Fashion Institute of Technology in NY in 2006.  Points of View is honored to have his first one person exhibition, and introducing the first completed Gymnotype™ Series.  J.P. has been included in group exhibitions at SoHo Photo Gallery in NYC, Morpho Gallery in Chicago, Center for Fine Art Photography in Fort Collins CO, Runnels Gallery in Portales NM, Carnegie Library in Albany, GA, and in Raleigh at Flanders 311, Litmus Gallery and Visual Art Exchange.  He is represented by Points of View Photography Gallery and Morpho Gallery in Chicago.  J.P is originally from Albany GA, and lives in Raleigh NC.

20 Glenwood Ave. Raleigh NC 27603