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About the Gallery
Edie Shimel

Edie Shimel recently completed her Masters of Fine Arts at UNC-Chapel Hill with a focus on photography and mixed media.  Currently she is a mixed media teacher at the Carrboro Arts Center in Carrboro, NC.  She has also taught university classes in photography.


My over-arching approach to art-making is an interest in my social context—examining how people, ideas and institutions shape my own beliefs, habits and even creative production. I use photographic images to explore, poetically, the inner dynamics of the human psyche and how we are shaped by and interact with the cultural environment surrounding us. I consider myself an image-maker, using my own photographs but also collecting photographic remnants of my cultural surroundings and recontextualizing them in my artwork to invert the intended meaning. Through this process of collecting

cultural photographic remnants and incorporating my own imagery and experience, I make art as a means to examine our contemporary social environment, raising questions as to why and how we function. I strive for more ambiguous imagery that can allow for multiple interpretations and interactions with its audience.

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"The Pastoral State" Edie Shimel

20 Glenwood Ave. Raleigh NC 27603