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About the Gallery

Claire Levitt

I have been photographing since 1975. I never had formal training but learned my technique from mentors at a camera club on Long Island. Their emphasis was on "making a picture" rather than just "taking a picture". This has been my mantra.

Although some of my subjects are representative, I seek objects which will challenge the viewer and arouse his curiosity as to what the photo represents. I try to keep my photographs very simple (KISS) by abstracting from the subject matter. I am enamored of texture, repetition, oxidation of colors. This takes me to scrap yards, outdoor auto parts yards, and the back roads of North Carolina for
subject matter.

Photographing gives me the opportunity to be creative. It is a passion - similar to an artist who stares at a blank canvas and produces a painting where none existed before. I can compare that to blank film on which I hope to produce a subject which will reflect my interests, and encourage the viewer to stop and stare and share my love
of this craft.

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Untitled, Claire Levitt

5102 Echo Ridge Road, Raleigh NC 27603