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About the Gallery
At The Beach, Maia Dery and Diane Amato
September 14 - October 14 2006


Maia and Diane share a lifelong interest in the coast of North Carolina.  Their images pay homage to childhood memories and to the sensations of a day spent at the beach. Together they explore intimate and nostalgic shoreline views, striking in their subtle beauty.

"Haulover" Maia Dery

Maia has been photographing the coasts of North Carolina and California since childhood.  Her black and white work focuses on the interplay of light and shadow along shoreline grasses and dunes.  The resulting images are evocative of both natural objects and the otherworldly. Maia describes the underlying theme of this series as “passionate engagement with the sights, textures, shapes, and forms that make up the world.”

Diane’s work freezes in time the memory of beach sensations, “the sound of the ocean, the feel of sand and sun.”  Her prints are gelatin silver and have been toned first in a brown bath and then in a yellow toner which produces a posterized effect, exaggerating the sun's light. The resulting color on the print is copper, bringing to mind the heat and warmth of the sun at the beach.

"After the Storm" Diane Amato

5102 Echo Ridge Road, Raleigh NC 27603