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About the Gallery

Victor Friedmann

Victor Friedmann has been interested in photography since childhood, but it is his career in geophysics and oil exploration that has allowed him to visit colorful, exotic places all over the world, documenting these different cultures at every chance. He describes a desire to capture the mood of his subjects. To do this effectively, Victor spends a great deal of time becoming familiar with a foreign environment. He says, “To blend in I often dress in native garb and carry my equipment in a shopping bag, allowing me to approach my subjects up close without the use of a telephoto lens. This method has been particularly effective in Saudi Arabia where photography can be risky. “ Victor utilizes desktop digital photography, in which he experiments with selective colorization techniques that result in bright saturated colors, as well as great texture and dynamic range in areas where lighting is muted.

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Untitled, Victor Friedmann

5102 Echo Ridge Road, Raleigh NC 27603