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About the Gallery

Eastern Photographer, Western Perspective
Bruce Watson, March 2 - April 29 2006

"Rock Face and Clouds" Bruce Watson



This exhibit focuses on the visual importance of scale in photography. Bruce describes the western photographic perspective as being one of “large sweeping vistas.”  His approach is to photograph small, isolated sections of sweeping vistas, then enlarging them to grand proportion. The result is a refreshingly intimate view.  His work explores the beauty of nature and underlying structures, patterns, and visual rhythms. He seeks subjects that are rich in detail yet graphically strong, with full tonal palettes in black and white.


Bruce seeks to restore our connection to the natural world, which he feels modern society increasingly undervalues. He notes that some scenes he has photographed already are no longer available, even in national parks.  The mark of humans is more and more evident in these once preserved areas.   



About the Artist


Bruce is a working artist, and an engineer by training with 25 years of engineering experience. He brings this same precision and obsession with quality to his photography.  Using large format cameras, Bruce provides the viewer with the most pristine, detailed and dynamic images possible.


Bruce’s 4x5 negatives are 15 times larger than conventional 35mm film, and the construction of his camera allows him precise control of focus and perspective beyond what one can achieve with conventional camera equipment.  Though predominately self-taught, Bruce has studied with technological pioneers such as Jon Cone, the originator of the Digital Platinum system for IRIS printers and the originator of PiezoTone inks.

5102 Echo Ridge Road, Raleigh NC 27603