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About the Gallery

Abstracts of Time, Ron Ward
May 5 - 30 June 2006

"Abstracts of Time 1" Ron Ward



 “ For a long time several years ago I noticed I had a recurring thought or name come back to me, that being Abstracts of Time.  I thought how great it would be to bring back images from your dreams.  How would you take these photographs?  Hand-holding free my camera, I began to  embrace several forms of movement in evening light.  Then from there….  These prints are regular film photos.  Though printed large, some of the images are no larger than the size of your thumb.


I shot these images earlier this year, and I found that I could begin to travel through my dreams, sometimes feeling as if they were waking dreams.    I feel that the images allow the viewer to experience thoughts not dissimilar to my own when I took the photos, or when I printed them and saw them myself. ”


This is Ron’s first solo exhibition, and Points of View is excited to represent his portfolios.  Abstracts of Time contains strikingly contemporary images, evocative in their use of color and abstract form. The images hold the viewer’s attention while defying easy recognition. Light bounces off reflective surfaces creating lines and forms that trigger the subconscious mind into making associations. Ron’s notes that photography is part fantasy and part an imprint of reality, and he is interested in building the “fantasy of abstraction.”


Ron’s brings another dimension into his artistry, he sees his images in the light of Feng Shui. His light images are expressions of life.


These film photographs are printed on Kodak Endura paper and mounted on optical Plexiglas.  The result is a sleek, modern presentation that complements the images’ bold subject matter.


About the Artist:


Ron has won numerous awards in the Atlanta area.  His photographs taken in 1997 in the Amazon jungle of Peru were featured in an American Express™ travel publication. His photos have been exhibited in Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Atlanta, Anaheim, Charlotte, Asheville, Montreal and Ghana, Africa.

5102 Echo Ridge Road, Raleigh NC 27603