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About the Gallery



Points of View Photography Gallery has closed its physical location on the front of the Carter Building in Raleigh’s Glenwood South and is maintaining its online gallery.  Owner David Bibb is making it possible for a new non-profit organization dedicated to photography to be founded in an established and enlarged gallery setting.  David is moving into a new larger space located on the Carter Building Lower Level.


The North Carolina Photography Project will open on December 3rd First Friday, with an advance fundraiser on November 5th First Friday, and meetings and events during October and November.  All photographs on display during October and November have been donated to NCPP and 100% of sale proceeds go to NCPP.


The Carter Building is Raleigh’s second largest artist studio destination after city-funded Artspace.  The Carter Building is home to 35 artist studios shared by more than 75 artisans, and also houses merchants’ Local color Gallery, Pitch Media Gallery, Dress and others.   


Please visit to participate on one of a number of organizational study groups, to volunteer with staffing the gallery on Saturdays beginning in October, to make a donation in any amount, or become one of the first 20 members of NCPP, distinguished Founding Members with your check for $300.  Founding Members’ names will recognized for the life of the organization.   


Your help is greatly appreciated.  Thank you!


David Bibb

Owner Points of View Photography Gallery


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5102 Echo Ridge Road, Raleigh NC 27603